This exhibition brings together various artists who are exploring the hidden potential of paper transformation.

Through cutting, pulping, folding, oiling and collaging, the magical properties of paper will be revealed...  

Paper is one of our oldest and most familiar materials. It has been with us from ancient times to the present, a constant companion recording our art, our ideas, our transactions and, sometimes, quietly changing the course of history itself. We take this flat, flimsy and ephemeral material for granted, yet it also has the power to be transformed.  

As the trials of the past two pandemic years continue to, hopefully, recede, these artists plan to celebrate by bringing colour, tall tales and a little enchantment.  

Exhibiting Artists include:

Sue Cathcart, Adele Pound, Emma Whitehead, Jayne Cherry, Susan McKeever, Aimee Magee and Simon Hall.

Exhibition Preview: You are invited to join us for an exhibition opening reception on Thurs 23 Feb from 7pm - 9pm

Dates and times
Ards Arts Centre
Sunburst Gallery

1 month



Getting to Paper Magic

54.593677235929, -5.6960890554259

Ards Arts Centre

Town Hall
Conway Square
BT23 4NP
United Kingdom

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