See-Through is an online exhibition of works by Aimée Nelson for Ards Arts Centre.

Aimée Nelson was due to exhibit a body of new work for a solo exhibition in the Georgian Gallery, Ards Arts Centre in September 2020. Unfortunately due to the temporary closure of Ards Arts Centre due to Covid-19, her exhibition could not take place in person and has now been postponed.

SEE-THROUGH is a collection of works that explore the phenomena of light. In her work, Aimée is interested in the scientific and philosophical principles of light and often uses light as a subject, material and tool in the process for making artwork. Embracing lens based techniques, Aimée’s sculptural and photographic work examine the physics of optics as well as philosophical theory, taking inspiration from Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Her body of light works playfully experiment with ideas of duality, exploring parallels between light and shadow, interior and exterior, reality and illusion, aiming to manipulate the viewer’s experience of light, to play with perception and one’s feelings of self. 

Artist Bio

Aimée Nelson is an emerging Belfast based artist, having recently graduated from BA Fine Art at Belfast School of Art, University of Ulster.

Aimée has exhibited in numerous exhibitions internationally and nationally including the Royal Ulster Academy 2019 Annual exhibition to which she received The Mullan Gallery Award for Best Sculpture. Aimée was Graduate Artist in Residence at University of Ulster for the academic year 2019/20. Her work is in public collections including the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

Image List and Details

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1. Fold - £480

1. Fold - £480 Cyanotype 56 x 64cm (including frame) This artwork is an exploration of light that uses the traditional photographic technique of cyanotype in a non traditional way. Cyanotype is a process which involves exposing chemically treated paper to the sun (ultraviolet light) usually resulting in a negative image. ‘Fold’ explores the manipulation of material, using light and shadow resulting in an image that records the varying intensity of the sun.

2, 3, 4. Translucence I, Translucence II, Translucence III - £190 each

2, 3, 4. Translucence I, Translucence II, Translucence III - £190 each Photogram 26 x 32cm (including frame) The photographic process of photogram involves pacing objects onto light sensitive paper and exposing it to light. ‘Translucence’ Series illustrate the resulting negative shadow image, exploring the properties of light and material and highlighting the variation in tone and transparency.

5.  Pharos

5.  Pharos Fresnel sculpture 30 x 30 x 19cm ‘Pharos’ explores the idea of ‘invisible’ sculpture, using the reflective and refractive properties of interlinking fresnel magnifying sheets. Fresnel lenses are commonly used in lighthouses and searchlights to concentrate light into a powerful beam. The sculpture consists of a labyrinth of translucent material, bringing emphasis in the infinite and tangible qualities of light.
Dates and times
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