This exhibition curated by history students from Queen's University Belfast features specially selected objects from the museum's stores.

The students sought inspiration from the term 'cabinet of curiosities', a term first used in the sixteenth century to describe private collections of unrelated and 'curious' objects.

Between 1500 and 1800, ‘cabinets of curiosities’ were private collections of exotic or unusual objects, displayed in elite homes for the entertainment of invited guests. An impressive cabinet was a status symbol, suggesting wealth, education, travel and international connections. Such cabinets were the forerunners of modern museums.

For this project, the students delved into the museum’s collections selecting artefacts and items that they were particularly drawn to, in order to create their own Cabinet of Curiosities.

Dates and times
Café, North Down Museum


Getting to Cabinet of Curiosities

54.653204616251, -5.6682069

Café, North Down Museum

Town Hall
Castle Park Avenue
BT20 4BT
United Kingdom

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