The new playground at the Saxby Hall Orphanage is finally complete, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you. The orphanage was founded by Stella Saxby, who some of you may remember. Her parents were killed in a car crash in 1933, leaving her an orphan, all alone with her Awful Auntie.

And when we say awful, we mean awful. Aunt Alberta and her best friend Wagner, a vicious Bavarian owl, tried everything they could to torment Stella into signing over the deed to Saxby Hall. But Stella, with the help of her friend Soot (the ghost of a chimney sweep, but friends come in all shapes and sizes, don’t they?) fought off Aunt Alberta, saved Saxby Hall, and gifted the beautiful Saxby Hall to be used as an orphanage.

Awful Auntie by David Walliams, adapted for the outdoor stage by Heartbreak Productions, is a truly thrilling tale. Owls, ghosts, chases, escapes, motorcycle rides, and tiddlywinks all fill Stella’s days as she evades her menacing Aunt and saves the family home. So, please join us at the dedication of the new playground at Saxby Hall and hear how it all came about. Make sure you wear weather-appropriate gear, and bring a picnic, as the tale could take some time to tell, and storytelling can be hungry work!

Suitable for ages 7+

Ticketing and Seating Information

Due to overwhelming feedback from the two performances that took place last year, we have decided that seating will again be picnic style on blankets on the ground.

Please note:

  • Please bring your own blanket.
  • Although we are currently not required to socially distance, we would ask you to bear in mind that the space will be limited and would ask that you would only take up the appropriate blanket space for the size of your party.
  • You are welcome to bring a picnic, however, please note that alcohol is not permitted. Coffee Cure Cafe will also be open to purchase refreshments.
  • We will not be providing seats or gazebos.
  • Seats and umbrellas are discouraged as these will prevent your fellow audience members from being able to see and can impact the overall theatre experience for everyone.  However, if you want to bring your own seat, you are welcome to do so but please note you will be located towards the back of the seating area to minimise obstructing others viewing.
  • The performance will take place unless the weather makes continuing the performance unsafe, it will go ahead in rain, hail or shine. Please dress accordingly.  
  • Performances are suitable for ages 7 years and over.  
  • If you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or recently tested positive, we would ask that you do not attend.

Produced by Heartbreak Productions

Dates and times
Bangor Castle Walled Garden

Running time: 2 Hours 



Getting to Awful Auntie by David Walliams - Walled Garden Theatre

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