This stunning collection of images are a contemplation and a connection with something beyond the norm of everyday life.

Water holds the secret of life and is the vibrating energy that unites us all. By investigating and penetrating this transient world of water and light, Jo Kimmins has attempted to reveal water’s mysteries in order to transfigure the ordinary and the quotidian into the wonderful and extraordinary. Water’s flow constantly links life and death. It is the medium between the two, and its surface provides a common frontier in nature where they meet.

Jo states;

"A sperm whale emerged from the sea like a gift for me to document. She came into my life and gave me an endlessly changing canvas to photograph. I became impervious to the corporeal reality of the carcass and instead found great beauty in the beast. On each visit she never failed to show me something new and my camera gave me the power to solicit from her decaying cadaver underlying forms of a more magnificent transformation. The whale was resurrected into a language of visual poetry. Creating a contemplation into the mysteries and wonder of water and how death is constantly overcome there, helping the viewer to reassess our relationship within the natural world."

Dates and times
Thu 9 September 2021, 10:00am - Thu 30 September 2021, 4:00pm
Ards Arts Centre
Georgian Gallery

3 weeks



Getting to Aquacious by Jo Kimmins

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